Internet Explorer

You would expect that an internet browser supplied with Windows by Microsoft would be the best, but it isn’t. None of the versions of Internet Explorer are compliant with the standards laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Website Designers all over the world build compliant websites that work correctly in the main compliant browsers including Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome and then have to write hacks so that the sites work in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 9, the latest version, is in Beta and will soon be released. Microsoft have promised that it will be compliant and fully conform with HTML5 and CSS3; we will have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, some web designers, particularly those using FrontPage, built websites that worked with Internet Explorer but not with compliant browsers, often this was because they were built before Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome came on the scene. So, whilst your website may work now on Internet Explorer (v6, v7, or v8) it may not work properly on Internet Explorer 9.

If you have a website we recommend that you install Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome (they’re all free) and check your website. If it works in these compliant browsers then it should work in Internet Explorer 9.

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