ICO Guidelines on Cloud Computing

The ICO has published guidlines on the use of “the cloud” for storing data. Whilst the guidelines cover the process and procedures to follow it does not cover the practicalities.

Whilst it’s very easy to back-up to “the cloud” as far as single documents are concerned, the problem you’ll discover is that it’s impossible to back-up your Oulook calendar/emails/address book. The reason for this is because the file created by Outlook (and other similar programmes) is huge; we’re talking gb (gigabytes) of data in one file which would take hours to upload.

Our recommendation therefore remains, that you should back-up daily, on a local network attached drive which has been set-up as a mirror array. If you’re concerned about the loss of data due to fire you can up-plug the drive unit and store it in a fire safe.

The guide itself can be found on our documents page:

More information on backing-up and the associated equiment can be found at:

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