Managing External Works

We received a call this morning from a council who wished to add some form of facility to their website that provided the management and monitoring of external works and in particular those requested to their County Council.

We all know that the cuts have seriously affected all the work carried out by most County Councils and, unless you’re a resident of Buckinghamshire which has an excellent works reporting and monitoring system; tracking, particularly for members of the public is impossible.  This frequently leads to request from members of the public for works to be implemented which have already been requested.

Although we can provide the necessary infrastucture there would be a cost when in fact, the issue can be managed in-house, by simply maintaining a list of requested works at the end of or as an appendix to each set of minutes.  Not only can this be monitored by members it’s also available to the public and may also encourage more people to read the minutes.

However, if sufficient clients show an interest, we may develop a centralised system which would work along the same lines as Live News.

Let us know if you have an interest in this or any other suggestions to improve communications.

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