Facebook and Cookies

You might be forgiven for thinking that once you’d logged out of Facebook it was closed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This discovery also raises questions about other social networking websites like Twitter, Google and Linkedin.

Technical journalists and experts at Security Management have discovered that even after you have logged out, Facebook Cookies are still tracking your movements around the internet.

Assuming that you wish to remain a member of Facebook you can prevent them from spying on you by setting the options in your favourite browser to ‘Delete cookies at end of session’. ┬áSadly this approach may mean that some friendly cookies which store (say) your personal preferences on Amazon, will also be deleted.

The alternative is to either set your browser to ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ when you use social networking sites or download and install another browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari, set that to ‘Delete cookies at end of session’ and use it exclusively for social networking.

Major players like Facebook and Google are trying to take over our lives. The latest is an invitation by British Gas to post your meter readings on your Facebook account!

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