WordPress is dangerous!

Whilst we use WordPress for our Blog (WordPress was designed for Blogging) we would never, ever use it for a professional website; not just because it’s a CMS but because of the way it’s built.

See “Why we don’t think a CMS is good for councils.” for our comments on Content Management Systems.

WordPress is a core CMS application but in order to increase its functionality you need to add themes, widgets and plug-ins.

WordPress is open source, free and comes with no guarantee. It’s developed by a very large team of individuals and relies on the themes, widgets and plug-ins which are also free and developed by individuals whose credentials are unknown.

There is very little skill or knowledge needed to provide a website on the WordPress platform, in fact if you have an external account at www.mh-p.net you can have WordPress installed on your domain free of charge with one click of your mouse.

The big issue with WordPress is security.  There are problems being discovered with the core application and with many of the themes, widgets and plug-ins.  When these security holes are found (because someone has hacked a site through the hole) patches are released and need to be uploaded to the site to ensure it remains secure.

At the time of writing we’ve been using WordPress for about four weeks for this blog, and in that time we’ve seen an update for all parts of our installation. Due to the huge userbase hackers are actively targeting websites and blogs based on WordPress through the core application or one of its themes, widgets or plug-ins.

My advice is do not go anywhere near WordPress for anything that is important or unless you or your supplier knows how to install updates as and when they are released.

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