mh-p was founded in 1987 and has been building and managing websites for Town and Parish Councils since 2005.



mh-p, is an abbreviation of the full company name mh-p internet Limited.

We invented “Last Page Updated”; a multi-resource application which places a list, on the homepage, of the last “x” pages/documents to be changed/updated on the site. It produces an A-Z Index of all the pages/documents on the site and an XML sitemap which is used by Search Engines to catalogue the site. It also produces an RSS Feed automatically when changes take place.

We invented “Live News”, a facility where Clerks can add local news and details of forthcoming events themselves together with an optional photograph. whilst we bolstered the service by broadcasting information circulated by official bodies including .gov etc. Items can set to expire on any date/time and they can be marked as “Always On Top” if they’re required to be at the head of the column. The service also Tweets items if desired to the councils Twitter account.

We have “Live Calendar”, an application where the clerk can add details of forthcoming events and visitors to the site can print out the information on a month by month basis

We have developed our own photo-gallery which allows clerks to upload any photograph regardless of size or dimensions which is then processed automatically and a caption added.

Our Planning Service places all applications applicable to your parish onto your own website every Monday.

MemberZone allows the Clerk to upload all documents, photographs and emails to a central location where members, having been alerted by one email, login and securely view or download the information.

We were also the first company to produce Google Parish Boundary Maps back in 2005.

Domain Name Registration/Renewal, Website Hosting and all our customer accounts are handled through www.mh-p.net

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